HA in Unraid Dockers - How to rollback/downgrade version?

Upgrade is simple enough but what about rolling back or downgrade to a specific version?
Might be obvious but I have no clue how to downgrade to a specific version on Unraid Dockers…

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

On a QNAP I believe that would be just as easy as to create a new docker by selecting the version you want to fallback to and ensure that you setup to connect to the same config as you are using with your current version. Oh, make sure you stop the later version before you create the fallback docker. It also remains ready to start again if needed as well…should the fallback attempt fail?

While upgrading I have done this and it is a simple matter of stopping the docker you wish not to be using and start the one you wish to use…I have not yet wanted to rollback yet but that is how I would manage it I believe?

I can see there are tags on the dockers but just not sure where in Unraid Dockers to apply that (I presume I’m on “latest” but can,t find where it is…)

Ah! I think I got it after testing it…
You simply need to add “:(tag)” at the end of the repository (found in https://hub.docker.com/r/homeassistant/home-assistant/tags)