HA Installation on Android box - X96 Mini+ (Amlogic S905W4) box Android - X96 Mini+ (Amlogic S905W4)

Hello. It is a great pleasure to be part of your community.
I like challenges and decided, a few days ago, to start in the HA world. After researching a lot, I thought it would be possible to take advantage of an android box that I have [X96 Mini + (Amlogic S905W4)], which I think is one of the most suitable for the purpose.
In your opinion, what is the best distribution to install in the box? I’ve tried a lot and in many ways and I can’t succeed with any - I always get an error at the beginning of the process.
Cheers from Portugal.
Miguel Martins

Perhaps it’s useful to post which ones you already tried. I would think that the Linux for Amlogic Meson distribution would be the first to try.

Also, at the risk of being offtopic (your question isn’t really related to HA at all), can you be more specific about what “an error” is?

Hello mikegodin23,
Your post is -SOLVED- but nothing about your solution, configuration.
I have same probllem with x96 mini+ (Amlogic S905W4) about integrate home assitant.
Please, tell me more !