HA integration with Google Assistant


Sorry for noob question. I am using Nabu Casa account and trying to integrate these things together for handling some things with voice (with phone). Now I am seeing my devices and entities at google assistant but for example if I am trying to say “turn off kitchen light” -> it only shows me google search results - not doing correct action…

What am I missing?

Haven’t done any manual configuration (like instructions at https://www.nabucasa.com/config/google_assistant/ says because I have Nabu Casa account).

Are you using google assistant to ask the question or have you started the google search? In google search you will end up with answers from google. With google assistant you will get the light turned off.


Thx 4 answer. It seems there is some problem with my Note10+ because I cannot get it working (it is trying to download English all the time). However with old S8+ this is working…

I’m not sure why that is happening, hopefully someone here will be able to help you resolve this. Until you are able to resolve this properly, you could try setting up a new routine, with unique keywords, and have that control your entity.