HA Intel NUC install on HP t620 ThinClient - no WiFi or Bluetooth

*** Please note I am no Linux (hassio) guru - but can follow instructions.*

I am looking to move away from HomeSeer 4 to Home Assistant. I downloaded the latest version of the INTEL NUC version, and booted the t620 with an Ubuntu 20.04 LIVE CD to allow me to use ETCHER to flash the internal m.2 SSD (120GB) with the HA image [ haos_generic-x86-64-7.4.img.xz ]. I reboot, and it boots all the way to the text based Home Assistant (CLI) screen.

I can then go to another computer and access the HA Webpage (http://homeassistant.local:8123) with no issues and complete setup (username, password, etc.). Next I installed and configured the SSH & Terminal add-on, and I can access the terminal screens from remote computer. I was following the steps in another article to adding WiFi, but I am lost. On this this box, if I install a full-blown Ubuntu 20.04 installation to the m.2 SSD, and check the option for 3rd party drivers - I get WiFi and Bluetooth available to me after the final reboot.

This is the Article I was following: Guide: Connecting Pi with Home Assistant OS to wifi (or other networking changes)

Here is what I see in Hassio when I try and turn on/enable WiFi (not even gotten to Bluetooth - they are both on the same Mini PCI card in the HP t620).




First image is the first instruction for enabling WiFi - and it basically shows it is here - but the next two say is it not. This is where I am scratching my head…and looking for an assist. I am willing to share any info needed, if I need to run a command - let me know and I will share results.


I really would like to make this HA NUC install ‘completely headless’ (only the power cord plugged in).


Did you managed to have wifi working?
I have the same problem.

What is your Hardware? What version of HA are you running? and under what install method?

exact same setup as you, I finally decided to only use ethernet. thanks anyway

The HW isn’t really installed, you need some add-on board, you can find compatible boards on the hp site. I have a t630 and use ethernet. (It is more stable anyway)