HA internet traffic question

Recently I purchased a USG and a UAP-AC to upgrade my network from TP-Link Deco M4’s as I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on managed networking. After installing it all and getting it running with 5.6.42 as the AP is at EOL, I noticed the internet usage for HA running on my NUC. It used a lot of data when we were all in bed. An HA is the only thing running on the NUC. Is this normal data usage for HA?

It depends what you are running on HA…

Are you running automated backups to somewhere?

I do have the Google drive backup integration installed and adguard. But the backup to drive was only 432Mb in size this morning at 3am as it’s setup for weekly.

Do you have the Speedtest sensor enabled?

That can use bucketloads of data.