HA iOS app: once in addons section I cannot use arrow left to leave the addon section (bug has been reported on GitHub)

On my iPhone using the HA Companion app (v 2022.10.1):

  • the left back arrow in the top menu does not function anymore. Pressing it does not take me back to to the configuration menu, hence I cannot reach the main menu.
  • pressing the menu back arrow repeatedly will only toggle me between the last two pages I have visited in the addon section.
  • swiping the app off / out of iOS memory / stopping the app does not resolve the problem, because restarting the app brings you back straight into the addon section ( hotel California: you can never leave…)

Who has a clue what to do?

I have the same issue on Android. I think this is a bug in the webpage navigation.

You can kill the app and restart it.

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I tried that, but on iOS that does not correct the problem. So far, I haven’t tried deinstalling the app.

There is already a bug report for this on GitHub: