HA IP address Sensor

Hi - I sometimes have an issue where the local IP address of HA is changed automatically, I assume due to my router. There is a reservation for HA for the IP address, but it still seems to change somehow.

This causes the remote access to stop working (and linked device tracker automations) and also devices become unresponsive using Alexa due to the IP address then being incorrect in the setup for Emulated Hue. Rebooting the HA does the trick and corrects the IP address.

Is there a sensor that will pickup a change in the HA IP address? I have tried looking and there’s nothing obvious to me.

My thinking was to then create an automation that would sense the IP address change and reboot the host, to automatically fix the issue.


If you configured your DHCP server to dish out a specific address to the HA MAC address and it changes on a refresh then something is probably misconfigured.

Thank you. I’m obviously not very good at searching! I’ve created an automation to reboot the host when the IP address deviates from the “main” one. Just got to wait for it to work now!

Yeah, almost certainly something is misconfigured but I don’t have a clue what it would be and if I can get this automation to work then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I don’t see any other issues, network/internet-wise or HA-wise.