HA Irrigation Automation

Hi There smart people,

I am trying to get my first Automation up and running, any pointers or starter automations would be appreciated.

My set up is as follows:

HA running on dedicated server
Irrigation Solenoids connected to a Sonoff 4CH Pro R2
Wellpoint pump connected to a pressure sensing valve

I am able to manually trigger the solenoids using the HA interface and the Sonoff is set up in Interlocking mode so it successfully closed zone 1 if zone 2 is triggered etc. I have 4 zones in total.

My goal is to have an automation that runs at sunrise every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and each zone should run for a period of 15 minutes.

I will figure out the weather based bits once i have the base automation in place.

Thanks in advance

Quite a bit of info here:

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I have since updated my code with some nice improvements but here is my older code:

I’m using an ESP8266 with relays which your Sonoff 4 channel would be extremely similar to in terms of using the rest of my code to control it.

I’m only using 2 solenoids but the code is written to allow easy addition of as many as you want, so just copy the relevant sections to create the extra 2 stations