HA is locking up more and crashes alot more

i finding HA is crashing alot more…
and it looses connection with light switchs…

HA looses light switchs… but with the Kasa app the light switch still works… also Zones is gone… its crashed in the website… goto page Zones is gone just a spinning… i usually have to reboot HA to fix this

and i find HA runs out of memory when it checks for updates… but the crashing happens alot more and now has gotten worse

anyone else having same issues? is the a way to run a diagnostic or a cleaner like windows has for temp files etc just to make it run clearer if not ill just deal with it… figured id ask

core -4.5 supervisors 04.0

On a pi? How much ram?
You can tweak the swap memory size, which I found helpful on my pi 3bwith HAOS. Haven’t been having issues on a pi4 8gb though.

im running in a unraid VM and it has 8 gb of ram associated to it… ill try the swap file

but ya i running out of ram when it trys to check for updates… but i also found now Zones page has crashed from the OS and i always loose switchs HA connects too yet using through the Kasa app the switchs work fine…

but ill try a swap file see if that helps for the one part

@HasQT i dont have time to try the coding… but i did try the htop that was in the article… i using 1 meg currently of the swap file but apparently its using 5 gig or ram… of 8 like how much do i need to feed this ?
maybe thats why HA keeps crashing ? and loosing light switchs and zones gone?
this is after a reboot the pic… what is really using all this memory?
Ha needs like 64gb of ram lol
but will try this swap file stuff later today

You should check your log-file, if i doesn’t tell much, then enable Debug(instead of Info) to figure out why it hangs and crashes , in no way it needs 8GB, nor less 4GB

i also figured its the 1000+ tokens thats causing it too…
how do i enable debug.? and does it say in the thop why its using 5gb at idle?

so it should never got higher then 4gb?

and i have another post where i show the log file of supervisor… but no realy help why its running out of memory… ii posted the error of HA trying to get updates. and it crashes and same time i run out of memory…

this time i checked i didnt see an error but hte supervisor log only shows so much then its gone

IN configuration.yaml, set Logger to Debug ( Default is Info)

ok ill change that

and currents in the supervisor i just check is only
22-04-20 06:57:25 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.utils] Can’t execute restart while a task is in progress
22-04-20 06:57:36 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.utils] Can’t execute restart while a task is in progress
22-04-20 06:57:42 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.utils] Can’t execute restart while a task is in progress

but ill do that and then when it crashes hopefulyl logs show more

Like most APP’s it most likely will take what it can/ or need, but im not sure what in your installation/configuration that needs neither 4 or 8

Don’t just check supervisor log,… Check under /Configuration/Settings/Logs

ya i have checked under the settings/logs it never shows errors jsut that it cant connect to this or that nothing that causes to crash…
so there is no way to see individual apps in HA that is using memory… like terminal is using this much mqtt is using this much etc

so i didnt have a default logger i did

default: debug

had to google search logger
and the settings/log is much bigger now too

i didnt understand the other settings

is there a way to just write errors to a specific file from the debug

you seems very fast, have you Rebooted your whole system after changing to Debug ?

i rebooted just the configuration the restart…
i can do a reboot host… as its very long the log file

yes that what i mean, better to start with a “clean” logfile

Just an FYI, you don’t need to reboot to change the log level. You can use logger’s services to change it on the fly. Either for specific components or globally. Just call them from developer tools.

Also @boheme61 for future reference it’s good to use my links to get people to the right place so they don’t end up in the wrong log UI. For example this link will open the correct log UI on any of our HA instances.

Yes would simplify, problems is i have no idea how that works ( i.e Link to Logs – My Home Assistant ) don’t get me anywhere, but my login page, any links i try, don’t get me anywhere, even http://homeassistant:8123 just get me to login :slight_smile: … , even thou i am logged in , so this is not so smart, if other people just experience the same :wink: