HA is not connected to the network anymore


I’m using a rpi3 with sd card. I know. This will fail after some time. I have this problem. Home assistant is still booting and telling me in the screen. ipv4 addresses for eth0 : Home assistant URL: http://homeassistant.local:8123.
I set as a fixed ip address in my router.
I use netscan on my windows pc and is not visible in netscan. Ping requests fail. App also doesn’t work.
How can I see what is wrong? I can connect a keyboard and monitor to the rpi3. How can I restore the Ethernet connection and web interface? Perhaps enabling the wifi would also be an option. Enabling from command line.
How can I make a command line backup and write it to USB disk?

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Presumably you have a monitor attached already given you say you see the address etc on the screen.

Plug the keyboard on and run the common network tests like ping.

I enabled the wifi network and connected to the home assistant web interface by the new wifi network address. I also updated home assistant to the latest version. Now the network is fully functional again. I don’t exactly know what fixed it, but it’s working again. But thanks for your answer.

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