HA iso image

Why is the HA OS not available in an iso image? I’m trying to install it as a VM and need an iso to do so. Is there any way to get an iso of HA OS?

What VM ? For most VM’s there are ready made images available.

Boxes on Ubuntu.

GNOME Boxes is a desktop manager for QEMU and KVM virtualization, so use the KVM image

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It will only load iso images.

Is there another VM I can install in Ubuntu that will run HA? Preferably with the lowest overhead.

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According to this, you can import qcow2 images in Boxes

Setup with GNOME Boxes (Easy)

Once downloaded, these qcow2 can be used “out of the box”. The most convenient way is to import them in gnome-boxes aka Boxes, which is a simple application for managing virtual machines through QEMU, KVM and libvirt. Boxes imports and boot the images easily and focuses on getting things working out of the box with very little input from user.

it is about another os, but principle is the same


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When I try to install with the qcow2 it gets stuck…

That’s where it ends.

Enable EUFI and disable secure boot in the VM settings


Trying to figure out how to do that…

After creating new vm with haos-image at first you need to edit a configuration file for vm.
(Preference → Configuration → Edit Configuration)
at ~15 line, you must replace <os> to <os firmware="efi">.

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Just use something else than HA. Not having a bootable iso download in 2023 is stupid and just shows how not far HA has come.