HA issue - All devices greyed out *** Please help! ***

My HA is giving an error that I have an invalid configuration for the default_config.
I did notice that the add-on for the Check Home Assistant Configuration does not stay running.
I have it setup to start on boot but it won’t run.

Don’t know where to start. I have not made any changes in several months.



Additional logs.

The HA cloud is missing from the Configuration panel.

I have it setup.


That addon checks your current config against a new home assistant version. It runs once then generates a report and stops. You are meant to use it before updating to a new version of home assistant. i.e. start it manually and let it run once when needed. There is no reason to have it start on boot.

As to your other issues, you appear to have an Internet connectivity problem.

I don’t believe it is an internet connection issue. Everything else in my house works just fine.
It appears it is a corrupted /home-assistant_v2.db file.

Working on trying to delete it and see if that takes care of the issue.

Any one have suggestions on how to delete the /home-assistant_v2.db file?
My HASSIO is running on a VM. I can’t get logged on via SSH. Don’t know how to do that. I have the SSH as an add-on.

I somehow got HA to work. I have not deleted the file yet. All I did was SSH into HA and get to the root so I could run the HA core stop command. I could not figure out how to delete the file so I executed the core start command and then shutdown my VM. I started it back up and it works now.

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