HA keep loosing connection to Logitech Harmony Hub

I have Hass.io installed on Raspberry PI. And have successfully configured several appliances. One of them is Logitech Harmony Hub which keeps loosing connection with HA from time to time, while Broadlink for example keeps being connected without any issues. Restarting HA fixes the issue, until next time.
Here is what I see in the log after each disconnect:
2019-01-19 15:37:25 ERROR (MainThread) [aioharmony.hubconnector] X.X.X.X: Connection timed for hub XXXXXXX

I understand that Logitech closed their local API and currently HA is using Websocket API to connect to Harmony Hub. I do have latest versions of both Harmony and HA. Maybe this is part of the problem.
Is there any configuration I need to do in order to stop it disconnecting?

There’s a merged PR that should fix this in the next release.

Those are good new!!! Thank you.
For some reason couldn’t find anything about it on the forums, so assumed it is something I am doing wrong.

No problem! I’ve also seen reports that while you wait for the next release, you can use the remote.harmony_syncservice to fix the connection error without restarting. I haven’t tried this myself though.

I had this issue and read on here somewhere that you had to use an earlier version of the harmony.py.

Anyhow, I’ve been using this one from October for the last few days and it hasn’t disconnected once.

Use the above link and download the harmony.py, then stick it in custom_components/remote/

Alternatively, try this thread.

Good luck :slight_smile: