HA keeps filling up HD space how do you find out what its doing?

with the latest HA i seem to getting notifcations that Hard drive space keeps running out… first it was up to 32gb i expanded to 40gb then it filled it… then i expanded to 50gb now its full too… where is it filling up so much ? ive done the recorder purge but thats not deleting things… is there temp folders of updates not getting erased … what is going on how much space does HA need now a days 250gb? i keep expanding

is there anything i can do to stop it? filled 20gb in just a few days

Since last updates it seem to me to read more often of constantly growing size for HA. It happened to me as well, I wonder if this is due to changes in latest versione.

oh ok ya like deleting purge database setting it to 0 days and then running service doesnt change stuff i also wonder if when hacs or the OS updates its not deleting temp files as i havent been adding nothing but finding getting notifications of 0.4gb free left of disk space… least i not going crazy i think i need to set my vm to 250gb or bigger at this rate

Could it be bakups? If you log onto the HA machine (or SSH using port 22222 if set up), the following command will show the sizes of all the HA stuff:

du -hs /mnt/data/supervisor/*

If it’s the addons folder that is taking up all the space, find which addon with:

du -hs /mnt/data/supervisor/addons/data/*

Note that you can’t use one of the terminal addons to run these commands.

maybe its both… no backups i see it its slowly building up i took a screen shot maybe in a few days i compare it… i mostly just let it idle… so maybe its the database? not sure… as this only happened recently after the last HA update… .5 version so i not sure

here is a screen capture