HA Losing Connection to some Lifix Lights

I’m having an annoying issue with the Lifix integration in which some bulbs seem to drop off of HA. They still respond on the Lifix app but in order to recover them for HA, I need to restart Home Assistant. Power cycling the lights does not help.

Is there something in HA I could do to improve the stability of the HA connection? With HA Green, rebooting takes a significant amount of time.

You can try to reload them instead of restarting on the Lifx integration page.

But this should happen automatically with an increasing hold-off time between automatic reloads.

The other thing you can do is to enable the RSSI diagnostic sensor for the problematic lights.

I have a couple that kept dropping off the network (but they do eventually reload themselves). They all have poor wifi reception (-80dBm or less).

Thanks for the tip!

I can’t even see RSSI values now. The Lifix app hides it and the Xfinity router doesn’t show it either. Lifix app shows them all to have a “strong” signal.

Yeah you have to enable it when the lights are connected.

Ok, that’s probably not your issue then.

How many wifi clients do you have connected?

The maximum for the Xfinity seems to be around 60.

I’ve got 40 on the 2.4 GHz band now.

I used to have two independent 2.4 GHz APs for upstairs and downstairs. But it seemed the Lifix lights were having issues and dropping connections with two strong signals, even though the channels didn’t overlap, and the lights were only joined to one of them.

I still don’t understand why that was a problem, but it was suggested by Lifix support. Perhaps it has something to do with how WiFi IoT devices work?

The lights that occasionally drop from HA now are some of my oldest lights. So age might be the case.

I had another Lifix go offline from HA this morning. I verified it worked from the Lifix app and then left if be. It was working again by the time I got home.

Seems the issue might be something in HA since the WiFi connection is still good.

What did you mean about hold-off time between reloads? Is that something that can be modified?

If a light goes unavailable the Lifx integration will try to reload it. If that does not work it waits (hold off time) then tries again.


Seems like it’s almost a daily occurrence now where a bulb or two gets disconnected from HA. At least I can use the Lifix app.

Perhaps I can figure out a quick reload script, lol. But I’ll reach out to Lifix support and see if they can help.