HA lost connection

My HA continues to connect and reconnect , this just started recently , running a raspberrypi3plus on wifi
Anyone have any ideas

Best practice is to use a ethernet cable over wifi.
Wifi is always prone to signal disruption.

Ok I will try switching back to Ethernet and see what happens
I was using Ethernet b-4 and had some connections
Issues there too, WiFi was doing fine and just started seeing lost connection msg and then it would reconnect and this is continuing over and over , is there a way to see what’s causing this lost connection. I did just resently add a zwave/zigbee usb hub. Any thoughts

It sounds like the Zigbee network maybe interfering with the wifi network. Heres a good read on that subject. ( ZigBee and Wi-Fi Coexistence | MetaGeek )

Changing the channel of the zigbee adapter should help.

And if your are using Zigbee2Mqtt Here is steps: Improve network range and stability | Zigbee2MQTT

If your using ZHA, Sorry I can say for sure as i don’t use ZHA.
Perhaps a forum search will help.