HA Lovelace 0.92.2 Not working custom components "Custom element doesn't exist: tracker-card."

Hi all.
Some info for troubleshooting:

  • Installed the custom card following the instructions on https://github.com/custom-cards/tracker-card
  • Downloaded the file from the RAW view and uploaded them.
  • Called the service “custom_updater.check_all”
  • Cleared cache and rebooted HA

Raw config editor:

title: Home Assistant
  - url: /customcards/github/custom-cards/tracker-card.js?track=true
    type: module


    - components
    - python_scripts
    - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pnbruckner/homeassistant-config/master/custom_components.json
    - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pnbruckner/homeassistant-config/master/python_scripts.json

File location:

Custom card:
type: ‘custom:tracker-card’


System Health

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### Lovelace

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Did you also install the prerequisite custom_updater?

Yes installed!
The tracker-card worked ones for a short while, and then i added another custom component and it stopped working. Rolled it back but could not get it to work again.

Which browser?
In Chrome, try F12 and right click on the refresh button select empty cache and hard reload

Sadly not the solution.
Tried it couple of times without luck.
Other browsers also nu luck.

I have

  - url: /customcards/custom-lovelace/tracker-card/tracker-card.js?track=true
    type: js

I have type: js not type: module

I know that in the instruction is set to module, you can try…

BTW, I have downloaded and have it locally in /config/www/custom-lovelace/tracker-card/tracker-card.js

Stupid question… the file location is


Right? customcards and local are not real folders but links to www

The physical location is that, but when defining in the yaml file you have to set /customcards that is the same as /config/www

I have now tried using what specified in the instruction, executed custom_updater.check_all from the Services panel and I have it works.

Moved my file to /config/www/custom-lovelace/tracker-card/tracker-card.js

Changed config to:

  • url: /customcards/custom-lovelace/tracker-card/tracker-card.js?track=true


This is the config now and file location


Stil the same error, with a hard refresh and custom_updater.check_all and reboot :frowning:

Is it the same to have

- type: js
  url: ......

instead of

- url: .....
  type: js


Yes woody - makes no difference.

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You definitely RESTARTED (don’t EVER Reboot) AFTER you created the www folder?

I created the www folder a lot of time ago, so now I’ve just made the changes I told you before, I’ve saved the ui-lovelace.yaml file and refreshed the browser.

Do you have any other messages in the HA log that can rely to this issue?

Yes restarted:) not rebooted hehe.
Furthermore no error’s to indicate whats wrong…

I might have had this same annoying issue. I’ve solved it by appending &v=2 to the url in the Lovelace config after confirming that custom-updated has downloaded the file.

How do you mean that?
Do you have a example of what you did?

I go into the lovelace raw config editor and enter, for example, this:

- type: module
  url: /customcards/github/benct/multiple-entity-row.js?track=true

Then I go use the custom-updater and have it check and grab the multiple-entity-row js file. I confirm it is in my /config/www folder, then I go back in and modify the lovelace config to:

- type: module
  url: /customcards/github/benct/multiple-entity-row.js?track=true&v=1

I refresh the hass UI and then it starts working.

how do you confirming that custom-updated has downloaded the file?

After calling the custom_updater service it gets automatically pulled in to the /config/www folder: