HA + MariaDB + InfluxDB

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Hi All,

Im struggling with something. I have HA running in docker. Nothing special
I have MariaDB and InfluxDB running in docker as well (AddOn)

When I make every night a snapshot of my whole config, we all know that when you want restore the MariaDB can be corrupted and your history is lost.

With Google Backup you can turn off AddOns before you back them up. Sounds nice.
But then you see lots of errors because HA can’t write to MariaDB (If I turn this off only)

Can someone tell me a good way to backup the databases of both AddOns?

When you install both normal with

apt-get install influxdb 
apt-get install mariadb-server

You can give a command line command to backup the database into a file.
But is it useful to install MariaDB and InfluxDB outside AddOn but directly in the Debain OS?

Or is there a other way to backup those databases that I don’t know off?

Hi All,

Im now installed InfluxDB on a different RPi. In Grafana I can connect to the db. But when I condign the db in home assistant:

username: !secret influxdb_user
password: !secret influxdb_password
database: !secret influxdb_database
max_retries: 5
default_measurement: state
ssl: false
verify_ssl: false

I don’t get a error, but nothing is pushed into the db