HA Meetup in Leuven, Belgium

Anybody interested in a Meetup in Belgium, around Leuven?

If would be fun to meet some other hassbian’s :wink:


Too bad I’m on holiday… would have loved to join the one on the 17th of June.

Just seen this now, I’m from around Leuven, definitely would join if I can

Also missed this post :frowning:

I’m from Oplinter. Added myself to the meetup group.

Br, Chris.

On popular request: third HA Meetup near Leuven on August 12th, more info on the Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Home-Automation-around-Leuven/events/262978957/?isFirstPublish=true

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Thanks for hosting @rdehuyss! Very interesting to see what projects people are working on.

Some ideas for next time:

  • node-red
  • integration with influxDB/Grafana