HA messes with my network

I’ve noticed a big impact of HA on network.

  • If I play on counterstrike, ping goes from 50 to 300 whenever HA is on. If I shut it off, ping goes back to normal.
  • I’m working on my computer, and every couple of hours I get a “unstable network” that crashes my ongoing meetings. If I disable HA, those instabilities disappear.

What would be the best way to troubleshoot those issues ?

System :

  • Rpi4 ; 8go ram ; HA is connected to router by ethernet, other systems by wifi
  • Home Assistant 2022.8.6
  • Supervisor 2022.08.3
  • Operating System 8.5
  • Interface utilisateur : 20220802.0 - latest


You could partially eliminate HA from the picture by turning of HASS and flashing another image on another card and bringing the RPI4 online to see if it makes any difference.
Also consider firmware updates for the Pi
Raspberry Pi 4 Firmware Update: All You Need to Know | All3DP

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It is probably not HA as such but rather an integration or a sensor.
Video takes quite some bandwidth and some sensors can also be a bit heavy if not configured right.
I also often see speedtest running as a sensor even though such a sensor make no sense at all.


Thanks very much to both, I’ll investigate separately hardware & integration/sensors