HA missing Shelly EM data after power brownouts

Hi I am new to HA. I have starting using it with the initial and main goal of monitoring and controlling power consumption of my home here in Portugal.

I am starting simple and small, so have HA running as a default Docker app on a QNap NAS in my home office. Power from the grid data and power generated from a grid tied Solar array is coming into HA via a Shelly EM Wi-Fi module installed into the main consumer until of our home.

Where I live we are subject to fairly regular brownouts (power from the grid goes out for 10 to 15 minutes 3 to 4 times a week and in rains 2 times a day).

As I have HA running as a virtual machine within the QNap if the Brownout lasts for more than 5 minutes the QNap can not recover gracefully and so shuts off crashing the Docker service, forcing a manual restart of HA.

Since the install I have had 3 such instances of having to manually restart HA within the QNap console. After these manual restarts I have noticed that energy data shown in my Dash board in HA is missing data from some time periods. However when I download the csv log from the Shelly EM device itself I can see the data is there.

So my question. is there a routine I can run that will refresh the data from the Shelly EM within HA, so that all data entries are reported on my Dashboard?

I was thinking some sort of automation but not sure if this is the correct way to look at the problem.

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I am also a new user and wish to use HA to monitor my electrical system power.
Did you get a response and method of dealing with your problem. I have what I believe is a similar issue. I would like to use my Laptop Windows 10 to host HA. The laptop is not always connected to my local network. So the question is: When my laptop is returned to the network, will HA automatically connect and retrieve the data from the Shelly EM collected during the time that the laptop was offline?

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