HA Mobile won't load Lovelace UI

Recently I installed the HA Mobile app on my Android phone, but can’t seem to get it entirely working. I can see and use the device tracker and a handful of sensors that it has create within my HA instance. All of these are functioning as you would expect. But when I go to the app on my phone the only thing I get is a blank screen with a notice at the bottom:

The Lovelace UI configuration for this dashboard was updated. Refresh to see changes?

When you click the “Refresh” button the message disappears for a moment while it appears to reload, but then the message reappears. There are not other indications on the phone that there is an issue and nothing appears in my log on my HA instance. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this or some debugging I could add to help determine what the issue is?

Make sure Android system webview is up to date. I usually hear about this issue due to custom ROMs not using standard webview or some custom card causing issues.

Thanks for the suggestion, but everything is up to date. No custom ROM issues as I’m running standard Android 11 on a Oneplus 7T. I’m guessing it’s something related to my Lovelace configuration that it doesn’t like. Works fine in a browser and I can’t imagine that the mobile is much more than a web view wrapper so it’s a bit puzzling.

I just created an account to share my fix for this, as I experienced exactly the same problem today on a brand new phone (Moto series). Android WebView and Chrome were both up todate.

In my case, this is the first time I’ve installed the HA Android app since I changed my lovelace mode to yaml.
In my case, my /config/ui-lovelace.yaml file exists, but is empty.
My /config/configuration.yaml had:

  mode: yaml

To make the Android app work, I removed the yaml mode from /config/configuration.yaml and restarted HA Core.
Then I cleared the cache+storage for the HA app on my Android phone.
After setting up HA on my phone again, it loaded the default dashboard, then I could switch to my custom dashboard.
Afterwards I reverted my /config/configuration.yaml back to use yaml for lovelace.

I think the problem in my case is lovelace was set to use yaml, but my ui-lovelace.yaml file was empty and the Android app couldn’t cope.
I guess it’s a bug of sorts. I don’t have the appropriate development skill to propose a code fix, so I’ve raised it as a bug - Blank ui-lovelace.yaml causes Android app to get stuck in "The Lovelace UI configuration for this dashboard was updated. Refresh to see changes?" loop · Issue #1550 · home-assistant/android · GitHub


Per github notes - this is by design.
My workaround to have a “blank” default card, yet make the menu bars still functional was to a minimal markdown card in /config/ui-lovelace.yaml

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@PeatyPete thanks for the info. I’ll have to look into it when I have some time.