HA most devices unavailable after restore

It took my a week to replace a broken HDD in the old host machine and when I finally fixed it and restored my HA installation most devices are unavailable. Is there any way to fix them?

It looks like the Innovelli switches are not working as well as the motion sensors.

Help please.


You’ve supplied little to no information. Innovelli is zwave, so look at your zwave configuration for those. Other than that, it’s up in the air because you haven’t posted any information.

Also, when in doubt, consult your logs and fix the errors that are present in the logs. If you need help with those, it’s best if you create a separate post for each issue. And if you do create posts… Help us help you. Provide information. Thanks.

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Sorry about that. It looks like ALL Innovelli devices have beed added as new nodes for some reason. Please check the screenshot attached. Is this a normal behavior?

That’s all controlled by the z-stick

Thanks Petro. Is this a normal behavior?

typically no, are you sure the node numbers are different?

Yes, the node ids are different. The only devices that are working fine are the Jasco switches that were added manually through the config files in the past. Everything else: the Innovelli switches and Aotec dimmers are unavailable.

What is the point of restoring the system if everything has to be reconfigured again?

Well, to be honest. What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.

  1. You can’t manually configure anything in zwave. Everything is included via the UI or added to the stick through other means. The stick itself controls what’s included to it. Home assistant, OpenZwave, and Zwave JS just reads what’s on the stick.

  2. The stick controls node numbers. Not the driver. If they were renumbered, it was your stick, not home assistant or openzwave.

Thanks Petro.

  1. This is what I meant by saying that the Jasco devices were added manually:

  1. Im contacting Aoetec to find out if they can help now.

Thank you

When you’re saying ‘node ids’ are you referring to the node_id or the number at the end of your entity_id shown in your picture? Because they are not the same.

I don’t know how they can help. If your node_id’s changed, they are changed forever. You can’t renumber them. I have a feeling that we aren’t talking about the same things though.

It’s probably easier if you just renamed the new entities to your old entities and moved on.

Yea I agree but I worry about the other 3 installations I have in remote places now. What if the same thing happens to them?