HA + mqtt, just a bad joke

First of all I’m a newbie on HA.
I’m trying to add a swtich button on a dashboard. This button must be turned off/on by the user or by a message from mqtt broker. well it seems this is a very dificult task in HA.
Turning the button on/off via dasbord UI send the message to the borker, vice-versa does NOT work (publishing a message from the broker won’t change the state of the button)

To add mqtt switch you have to edit the config.yaml file, but to edit the file you need to install an add-on. Really??? Everything seems to be upside down

And this is not the first bad experience I’ve had HA (installation was the first one).
I think I’m goid to quit HA before really using it. I’m going back to nodered

Closed as a flounce.