HA Mqtt push to LCD

flash d1 with tasmota-display.bin
Connect lcd with d1,generic,sda slc gpio.
mqtt,ip,… to HA
Sooo the fun part.
Create new automatic scene.

Go to yaml and in topic: In tasmota info tab add your tasmota MQTT Full Topic
type: payload: [z] [y0] add text {{states.sensor.tasmota_ds18b20_2_temperature_2.state}}
[y1] add text {{states.sensor.tasmota_ds18b20_2_temperature_2.state}}

If you have 2 line lcd use y0 y1, for more bigger lcd use y2 y3…
save run!

sorry i have only italian Youtube to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uF9j7QoVpys