HA MQTT Slow to update icon

Hi Team.

I thought it was about time to learn and drink the cool aid of MQTT

I have setup the Mosquitto broker along with Zigbee2mqtt. I have a spare Zigbee UK plug which is showing up under Zigbee2mqtt. All is good there. I am running the HA versions below with the following electrolama coordinator ZZH MULTIPROTOCOL RF STICK (CC2652R1 - EXTERNAL ANTENNA)

Home Assistant Core 2022.5.5
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3
Home Assistant OS 8.1
Kernel version 5.15.41
Agent version 1.2.1

Now I can see my device and i can turn the plug on and off with out issues. However if the plug is off and the icon in HA is showing as off. I turn it on and as the plug is next to me I can hear and see it turn on. However the HA icon can take 6 seconds to update. sometimes its instant but more often than not its 6 seconds+

Is this a case that i just need to add more Zigbee devices to build a more robust network? The Zigbee controller is down stairs and i am up stairs in my office?

Is there any settings to look at or tweak?

Does your device only poll for updates or does it update instantly? Look in your MQTT topic and see when the topic is updated. MQTT in general has instant updates. To me, this points to your device not telling MQTT that it’s now on.

Sorry i am very new to MQTT. Where do i see or check that?

For looking at your MQTT topic, you have to use an external software. I use MQTT Explorer for windows. You can also subscribe to the topic using CLI, but that’s hard to do if you don’t understand CLI.

For looking at your device, google the device and read up on how it works. You’d want to look for the key phrase ‘Polling’.

And when I say device, I’m not talking about your coordinator. I’m talking about your actual switch/light.

Thanks mate. Let me check out MQTT Explorer

Keep in mind that you might need to create another user for your MQTT broker if you want to access MQTT at the same time as HA with MQTT Explorer.

I have a Hass user and a User for me.

There is a “optimistic” setting in Z2M. It can be found on the device. The optimistic solves the problem, as it change the switch based on the command and not waiting for the device report back.

Open the device in Z2M device list. A submenu called setting will appear. All the way to the button the optimistic setting is. All my devices are set to “optimistic”. Not sure why, it is default for my setup.

Thanks for the reply.

Just checked and mine is set to optimistic as well by default.