HA Newbie trying to add Hubitat device support

I wanted to step into Home Assistant to accomplish automations that are not as easy in Hubitat. Everything I read indicates that I can add a Hubitat integration. I installed a brand new instance of Home Assistant from the Docker compose instructions and created an account. I see no options for add-ons. Am I to assume this has been deprecated in the September Home Assistant version?

Addons are only available in supervised and HAOS installations if you’re using container or core you’ll need to provide your own addons.

But Hubitat is an integration (different than an addon…) and if in mot mistaken it’s a community integration which means it’s in HACS. - so you’ll want to install HACS and then you’ll find Hubitat in the HACS catalog.

Nathan, I have tried probably a dozen ways to install HACS and the install works great, but I can’t find it in the GUI. I stopped using my HA Docker install and I installed the HA Snap. No difference. I have read at least 25 web pages showing how to do this and they all work without any obvious errors. I just can’t see any difference in the GUI and I have no clue how to find HACS once it is installed. It seems that HA lacks documentation.

I’m not sure if you are still looking to do this but I just accomplished this today on my Home Assistant container. You need to add it to the devices and services as an integration. Once it is added it will show up on the main menu on the left.