Ha-Ngx "Hang-10" Mobile Home Assistant Front-End

Ha-ngx is a Mobile-First Front-End for Home Assistant that takes a functional approach to managing many buttons on a small display. Ha-ngx is built with angular 6 + Material and communicates to your HA instance using the websocket API.

Ha-Ngx Demo

User Flow

  • When you first navigate to the app, you are met with a login that asks for your websocket URL and api_password and stores it in browser localStorage for future visits.
  • You are then taken to a room specific control panel, that shows controls for only the devices in that room
  • To change rooms, you tap the “Home” icon in the upper left corner, and a map of the house will slide into view, allowing you to select a different room.
  • Once a different room is selected, you will see a new control panel for the new room


  • Angular Single-Page-Application for instant page navigation
  • Angular Material for all the buttons, sliders, navigation, etc
  • Communication to Home Assistant using the Websocket API for real-time updates

Progress so far:

  • Light Component:
    • Drag button down to set brightness
    • Drag button up to turn off light

Here is the github of my project.



Grear work!! Very interesting

Added a new Nest like thermostat control. Also changed the light control from a snackbar to a animated SVG https://imgur.com/gallery/hf1toMh