HA no longer changes color of my RGB bulbs

I have a few Monoprice RGB Z-Wave light bulbs. Until recently, these bulbs worked perfectly with Home Assistant. A few releases back (not sure of the specific version) the colors stopped working for all bulbs. The brightness levels continue to work but the colors do not. I cannot change the color using the HA front end or my animations.

I’m currently at version 0.69.1 on Hassio. Any ideas?

Hi All,
I also have this issue,but with an Aeotec LED Strip. I have no idea where to start. It worked a couple of versions ago same as GentleC. The display shows the colour wheel but the LED’s stubbornly remain white whatever I do. I am on the latest version as of yesterday. Given both are different manufacturers, it must point to a common segment of code that controls colours.
Any ideas for us both?

Did you see this?

Thanks Chris, no I hadn’t seen this post. My Aeotec ZW121 LED Strip doesn’t have the white property that I could find. However it got me playing and I found a property called Report Back Colour. I changed that to Hail CC and voila!. It actually works better as it seems to use the full colour wheel and remembers the colour.

I’m glad you were able to get this to work. I’m using Hassio and I’ve not been able to find a way to set the white value. There’s nothing in the Z-Wave panel about it that I can find. I surprised other’s aren’t seeing this same problem. Based on your post, it obviously affects different brands of RGB bulbs. There’s been no more activity on the bug report.

Something is amiss I fear. It did this a couple of times (symptom on mine is only white on/off no colour) and I got it to work by basically playing around in the Z-Wave configuration. I changed a few settings for my LedStrip devices, saved them and changed them back. At the end it started working again. I am starting to suspect that maybe the issue with SSD cards is biting me. It happened both time either during upgrades or me making automation changes, so it leads me to suspect the configuration is being corrupted or changed somehow and my fiddling re-writes whatever it is. I see in the configuration that “Hail CC” is now back to “basic” and it still works, so that wasn’t; really the fix.
I don’t really have the skills to work out the root cause, and looking at maybe using USB boot and see if it is more stable over time.

I too have had numerous corrupted MicroSD cards. I’ve had Pis that ran for years on SD cards but HA must really hammer those cards. I’ve been replacing them at least once a month for the last several months. I’m also going to try the USB boot option using a laptop drive. I don’t think that’s the problem with my lights though.

So it appears that adding “white_value: 0” to each of my scene profiles will allow the bulbs to change colors as long as a scene is selected. The color wheel still does not work. I don’t know of a way to override the white_value for the color wheel. But I mostly uses scenes anyway so this is a good partial fix for me.

@Trackhappy Are you able to set color temperature on your Aeotech LED Strip (ZW121), or just brightness and color? I have one as well, and I can’t figure out how to get color temperature working in addition to brightness and color.

I don’t think I’ve tried adjusting the color temperature. I switched from Hassio to HA running in docker and at least the color controls started working again. I assume it was something in my setup or an HA update fixed it.