HA not accessible after about 4 days of being shutdown

So after the texas winter storm, and power restoration about 4 days after being off. Not able to view anything within the app, it comes up with a message

Unable to connect to Home Assistant.
There was a error loading Home Assistant
please review the connection settings and try again.

Internet is working, HA device was reset/rebooted 3 times already.
All my automations are working as scheduled within Node Red, its just the app that cant seem to connection anymore.

Is there something i should do within the server locally?
Is this an issue that needs to be addresses within the app itself?

Lost at where to focus…

thank you

I tried to access my HA locally and nothing, i checked the network connection(wired) and no lights, i rebooted the device and still nothing, i pulled the SD card and checked that the files were still accessible.

Here is what it shows to contain:
HA 2021-02-23 232907
And the overlays folder contains 214 files all of different sizes and they are all DTBO file types.

Im at a loss here. Is my HA instance a loss now? Is there something i can try to recover and get it online again? Whats interesting though is that most of the automations that were controlled thru HA were somewhat still being automated, unless they were automated elsewhere that im not aware of.