HA not available after upgrade 108.x to 108.2

I am running HassIO on Rassperry Pi 3B+,
connected via LAN.
I do update the config.yaml normally by Notepad++ via FTPplugin for NP++.
Up to now it was possible to maintain or repair config errors via Notepad/ftp access if the fromnt end is not available.
My experience with direct Raspi & Screen connected is limited.

After upgrade to 108.0 all went fine.
I still had some issues in the log like i.e. a package not included correctly.
But all automations were working fine.
(Several Deconz sensors (XIAOMI) and some OSRAM plugs)

Then I tried approx 3 days ago to upgrade to 108.2 and nothing has been available.
No front end and no access via Notepad++/ftp.
My network shows that the Raspi is not online.

I took of the deconz USB connection and connected my desktop monitor.
While booting I get to errors:
Failed to start HassIO overlay setup.
Failed to mount HassIO data partition

At the end, the boot is interrupted with several Buffer I/O erros (that is - I assume - the broken connection to the Deconz USB).

Has anybody an idea, about was went wrong during upgrade?
Any hints how to proceed?
I made a snapshot of the system not too long ago…but I want to know the reason of this mess.

Best regards,

In your screenshot, I see “failed to mount HassOs partition”. Your sd card is corrupt.