HA not booting / crash after unexpected power loss/power outage

Hi all,

For the last few days my electrician has been working on my home electricity setup and he had to switch off all the power in my house. But after every ‘unexpected’ power switch off, Home Assistant isn’t able to boot any more.

When hooked up to a monitor, it does show the CLI, incl. the local (homeassistant.local:8123 URL), but within the app when trying to scan for HA configurations/servers, It cannot find any.

When entering the URL manually: NSURLErrorDomain -1001 (time-out request).

I have to completely re-image my SD card in my RP4 and then after finishing the complete setup, restore the back up. Otherwise it’s not working.

Can someone help me out here, what could be the case that when there is an unexpected power off on the RP4, it completely cripples my HA setup.?

Thank you all in advance :smiley:

Are you really running HASSbian?

That has not been supported since 2019.

Uh…help me out here, why would you think that?

To my knowing I’m running HASSIO…latest version?

Look at the forum category you posted this in.

Also Hassio has not been available since 2019 either.

You are running Home Assistant OS.