HA not discovering Netatmo devices (anymore)

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I have the problem that the Netatmo integration does not discover my devices

I recently also bought the Netatmo Home Coach. Installed the Netatmo integration, found the home coach with all the entities. Everything perfect.

Few days later I bought the weather station. Connected it but HA would not discover it even not after restart.

I thought deleting the integration and re-adding it might trigger the discovery. Well, it did not.
Instead it now does not find anything anymore also not the home coach. Did multiple restarts, reload and reinstall of the integration. Nothing works. Also removed the permissions for HA on the Netatmo page and it was added again with the re-install. Connection works generally so it must be something deeper in HA.

Does a delete via the interface (trash can) really delete everything or does maybe some old crap stay in the system? Or could it be a caching problem?

Help is much appreciated!

This is a known issue and is being worked on you probably see errors in your logs about station_name.

Yepp that is what I get in the logs. Strange though that the Home Coach was working flawlessly before and is also not working anymore. But maybe the whole thing got messed up when I added the weather station in my Netatmo account.

Hope it gets fixed soon.

More or less it is so. I have a fix but Iā€™m waiting on an upstream release.

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