HA not getting updates from Wink

Hi all!

I recently set up automations with Dome motion sensors, and noticed that after about a day the automations will stop reacting to their motion. The sensors are connected to HA via a Wink Hub 2. After I open the Wink app on my phone, everything works normal.

I’ve seen a couple posts on this topic and it appears to have been resolved, so don’t know if this issue is cropping up again, or I’ve misconfigured something. Any help would be appreciated to debug this issue.

Stange, I haven’t been having this issue and haven’t seen anyone else report it. Can you enable debug level logging for wink, python-wink, and pubnubsub-handler?

  default: info
      wink: debug
      pywink.api: debug
      pubnub: debug

If the issue happens again PM me your logs and a time when you think it stopped responding.

Hey, this issue has been happening pretty consistently the last week. I’ve enabled debug level for the logs and was trying to PM them to you, but the forum is not letting me. I assume it’s because I’m a new user. Could you PM me, so I can respond to it with the logs?