HA not loading on install

N00b here. I loaded the .img file to an internal SSD, installed it, powered up my optiplex micro (with secure boot disabled and in UEFI mode). It loads to a GRUB menu where I have four options:
SLot A (OK=0 TRY=0)*
Slot B (OK=0 TRY=0)
Slot A (rescue Shell)
Slot B (Rescure Shell)

It then proceeds to load into verbose logging and never leaves. If I remove a USB device, the machine logs that removal. If I insert a new USB device, the system logs it. No activity on the NIC, no CLI ability. Nothing. Rescue Shell does nothing, and Slot B “can’t find a filesystem”. Any ideas on what I’m missing? According to the documentation, it should be working.

Which image file?