HA not logging automations?

Got HA running on a Raspberry Pi 4 - and I’m trying to work out why my (simple) automations aren’t firing?
E.g. I’ve got a zigbee temp sensor - I can see that temperature is changing - and although I’ve got an automation with the trigger of temp sensor - change temperature, I don’t see runs in the traces of the automation, and I don’t see things being logged in the system log.

I would have thought that there’s a log that I can examine where it lists all the events that are firing in the system - if so, can someone let me know where that is - there appears to be very little in the home-assistant.log?

I’m thinking that if I can do a tail -f on the log, at least I can see that things like the temperature change is being noticed…

Unless there’s a verbosity configuration?

Many thanks

Post your automation.

…as properly-formatted YAML (see here).

And the state / attributes of your temperature sensor, like this:

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Here’s the YAML:

alias: CarlStudy turn on heater if too cold
description: ""
  - type: temperature
    platform: device
    device_id: 374c1fd78d9d509e534914dc7b6bd245
    entity_id: 88ed44712361b29044c54198ff7606c1
    domain: sensor
    below: 18
condition: []
  - type: turn_on
    device_id: 3c4daf90a1c03dc86fa7f639ca9d7059
    entity_id: 3222e3fdf8f5ceef61fb24d22eacbfa9
    domain: switch
mode: single

However, I think Stiltjack’s comment appears to be the answer - I was thinking that I should see a trace for each time the temperature changes - not when the temperature changes from 19 down to 18… saying that, what happens when say a reading is missed and it drops from 19.1 down to 17…? will the trigger still catch it? As the trigger is ‘below’ 18, then I guess so?

When the threshold is crossed, yes. It will not trigger again until above and going below again, in your case.

Only if it was triggered there will be a trace. If you use a state trigger with a numeric state condition (the same outcome, but perhaps less efficient), you’ll see a trace with every change that stops at the condition (if above, of course).

You should steer away from using devices. Just use a numeric state trigger.

Many thanks for the information - interesting reading - I’ll see if I can swap things over… :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!