HA not responding to ping, no echo replies sent

Hi all,

i’m running HAOS in proxmox on a nuc12.
after reboot from time to time my haos does not reply to a ping from outside his own vlan and as such my home assistant is not reachable from inside my home. HA over cloudflare is still working correctly.

i’ve ran a tcpdump on HA and i see the ping request come in but no response being sent out back again.
home networking stack is working correctly.

i can ping the default gateway of the other vlan

ping from yet another vlan

it happens after a reboot of haos, but not all the time. sometimes it’s resolved by doing a ha network update for the interface and sometimes it’s not.

anybody else had something similar?
thanks in advance!

What are your NICs configuration in HAOS?


3 NIC’s,
one in server vlan which is the main interface.
one in IOT vlan and one wireless directly connected to my solar installation inverter via an usb wireless dongle.


That is probably the issue then, especially if you have gateways registered on more than one NIC.
The best would be to only have one NIC and then let a router handle the routing (it is what it is for).

Thanks! multiple DG’s was indeed the issue