HA not send Node Red all Areas

New to Node Red. Creating first simple flow: motion to turn on light.

All good until I get to selecting “area” - the dropdown does not list the Guest Bedroom - it does list all the other areas (Living Room, etc):

The “area” dropdown does not list my Guest Bedroom. And the Device dropdown does not list the guest bedroom light switch.

Everywhere I can “see” in HA, the area Guest Bedroom is identified and the Guest Bedroom light switch is listed as part of the Guest Bedroom area as is the motion detector.

How do I correct this no listing for the guest bedroom area and hence the associated light switch?

I tried deleting the Guest Bedroom area, creating anew area “Spare Room” and moved the light sw and motion sensor to the new area "Spare Room). Deleted area Guest Bedroom, Restarted, and rebooted HA, but still, te new area "Spare Room does not show up.

Many thanks in advance for any and all help !!

I did some more troubleshooting. In HA, I deleted Guest Bedroom Area. Created a new area: Spare Room. I completely uninstalled Node Red. Restarted HA and reinstalled Node Red. In the images below, you can see Spare Room is present. But upon further review, many rooms are not: Dinette, Dining Room, Entryway, Garage, Hall Bathroom, Hallway, Kitchen, and Office.

Any help or insight into this issue would be appreciated.

Could it be that those rooms have no entities of type “switch”? Since you’ve set the domain and service, the area/device/entity will automatically filter the list. This does not happen if you only set the domain but not the service, so you should be able to easily see the difference.

@michaelblight Great question - so I checked. After writing a long response with multiple graphics and I then deleted that e-mail, because your question caused me to change a parameter in Node-Red and whamo !!!..many, many more areas showed up.

So, in Node-Red, a strange behavior? Depending on the “domain” you select in the “edit node” window, more rooms seem to load - or appear.
So - when I first selected the domain “light” in the “edit node” window, a set of areas/rooms are loaded (?) into Node-Red and presented. (but only those associated with that domain?)
When I change the domain to “switch” in the “edit node” window, and then select “area”, a “new” or “added to” set of areas/rooms are loaded (?) / presented into Node-Red - or becomes visible (I am not sure how Node-Red loads and presents data from HA.).
Now, when I change domains back to “light”, the areas loaded from the “switch” stayed. So Node-Red does not dynamically display only those entities associated with a domain. Does that make sense? It seems you need to select different domains to get all areas loaded or to be presented in Node-Red. However, being a newbie, I am not sure - do you need to select an “area”? and if you do - does it have to have the entity in that area? Maybe more learning.

So - I think Node-Red is working, HA is working, (both great things in my world!!!). I simply need to learn Node-Red and understand its …quirks? Maybe not a quirk. Maybe it is showing what I asked for - I just did not understand. Always humbling. But learning all the same - a good thing.

Many thanks for your question - it got me on the right track!! :grinning: