HA not showing correct status when using ISY

Hello forum,

It took me a little while to get HA on my win10 up and running with an ISY994i. Thanks to the descriptions and log file, it turned out that I was missing the http:// in front of the ISY IP address.
After reading the how-to start several times I finally have noticed it… :blush:

HA is starting, communication with ISY seems to be alright since all switches and scents are getting imported. The status of the switch respectively light does not seem correct. When I switch ON the or OFF directly at the switch, HA does not update the status.
I have noticed in the log file
16-01-25 22:01:17 homeassistant.bootstrap: Not initializing discovery because could not install dependency netdisco==0.5.2
And can not find any information how to solve the issue
Thanks for our help

What version are you running on the ISY?
I’m on 5.0.2 and mine isn’t working at all.
The author has stated he needs to update something in HA though.

I think the states problem of yours is explained at the bottom of the ISY page on the HA website.

I am running 4.3.26. I think it was rmkraus who confirmed the issue with win10.
As noob, I have posted it in the wrong corner github.com/balloob/home-assistant.io/issues/178
What is your lofile saying ?

Hi there, I was posting a similar question because I installed HA on my Windows Server 2012 box last night and had the same issue, HA updates the ISY but change something on the ISY and no updates. So before I hit send I decided to try again as now I’m using the Raspberry Pi all in one image on my Pi 2nd gen. It works as expected, changing lights manually or on the ISY updates the device on HA instantly, even Z-Wave devices connected to the ISY work.