HA not starting after stopping from Web UI


I have installed HA and hass.io using the method here on Ubuntu 18.04:

Both HA and hassio works flawlessly - except if I use the HA browser button to stop HA from Settings=>General=>Server administration=>Stop

After doing this the docker container for HA is removed from /var/lib/dockers/containers so that only the hassio_supervisor container remains.

After this when I restart using command systemctl start hassio-supervisor.service then only the hassio_supervisor container starts. The homeassistant container is not started.

I have tried removing the supervisor container and it is recreated when starting the service, but not the HA container.

So far the only way to recover has been to remove the containers and move the entire hassio installation under /usr/share/hassio to a temporary location.

Then when re-running the hassio_install script from the original installation procedure both containers are recreated. I can then stop the service and move the hassio folder back. Definitely there has to be a better way.

What am I doing wrong? Some setting must be changed when pressing the Stop button from the HA web UI but which one - and how/where can I change it back so HA will start?


I’m not sure if this will answer the question you asked because I don’t use hassio but try looking here: