HA on a 11 year old core 2 duo laptop. Good idea?

Hi folks,

I recently got my mom a new laptop and as such, I currently have her old one which is currently a doorstop. It is a core 2 duo with 2 GB RAM and 350 GB hard drive.

Before I consider selling it for something, I’d like to understand whether I should consider using this laptop for HA instead of my Rpi 3b. Granted, I am going to have to install Ubuntu and Docker onto it in order to install HA (aka HASS.io).

What sort of performance benefit would I get? Granted, 11 year old hardware is a bit of a tough sell, but if one doesn’t engage the inquiring mind, one will never know.

Let me know your thoughts.

Well power wise it’s fine,
The main issue would be the physical HDD,
replace with a cheap, 64gb SSD.
It should be the current SATA, and not a PATA,
Turn off all power management that the O/s may set as it will see it as a laptop and set its power profile accordingly. Also check the bios as well. You want everything to run at 100% including CPU performance.