HA on Android Automotive - Driving Mode

Hi Expert,

I install and run HA on my Volvo car (Android Automotive build-in in the car) The dashboard is not the same with mobile or tablet. It seem like a driving mode with big icon and font.

How can I disable or exit from driving mode? Or how can I setting configuration on my car.
Please kindly advise.


Same situation on my side with a Renault Austral e-tech that has both android automotive and wireless android auto.
With android auto, at least i can configure favorites with my phone HA companion app to have relevant buttons on home screen (gate, garage, lights) but it is less convenient than the native android automotive.
On android automotive, precisely, i can download HA from the store but get the same interface as you get and do not know how to configure favorites or a dedicated simple dashboard.
Does anyone know?

This is a Google restriction. It has been discussed elsewhere on this Forum. There are various hacks to get what you want on the screen, but it is very limited. You are pretty much stuck with what you can see.