Ha on dietpi?

need some help installing home assistant on dietpi using pi4 4gb. is this a bad idea? ive been trying a few different walkthroughs and Im think Im not doing something right or using a deprecated method.

Install the 64bit version of dietpi bullseye, then do a supervised install.

That sounds like what I need to do.i have the 64bit version installed. I was trying using this walk-through.
Setting up Home Assistant Supervised w/ WiFi on DietPi 64 bit running on Raspberry Pi 4 – Jordan Poles
But I keep getting a error when I try to start the install.

Don’t follow outdated instructions. The bash script mentioned has been replaced with a .deb.file.

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If you are going to use the Supervised install method, please do read the ADR. There are limitations you need to be aware of, and other things you need to comply with.


i followed the guide but i seem to be having a error. it says app armor needs to be enabled? how do i do that? is this due to my docker version?

EDIT: looks like i need to add parameters to cmdline.txt apparmor=1 security=apparmor . whats the best way to do that?

nano /boot/cmdline.txt

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do i just add it at the end? i mean after “quiet console=ttyl”

EDIT: cool looks like its working. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: is this a bad error? WARNING (MainThread) [supervisor.dbus.manager] Can’t load dbus interface de.pengutronix.rauc: The name de.pengutronix.rauc was not provided by any .service files

Thank you for the help! its all working well so far. going to move all of my devices over today. Now I can get rid of my old hub and just have a pi4 running everything. :smiley:

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