HA on docker - Tasmota with Belkin WeMo emulation connect fails

I have HA as a docker on a debian system running fine. When adding a switched power plug (Gosund SP1 with tasmota 8.3.1) with the Belkin WeMo emulation turned on, HA detects this device but after “Do you want to set up Wemo?” I get “No Wemo devices found on the network.”
The web interface of the switch is working just fine.
Where could the problem be? How can I debug this issue?

I guess I can answer myself :laughing:
I wrote the switch address into the configuration.yaml like so


This way it appeared in the dashboard after a restart.


Start by checking the logs. Info on any error present would help.

This worked for me. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the tip

If I have more than one, how should I do? Just add more dash started lines following these 3?