HA on HTTP for dedicated local IPs

I have setup HassOS with DuckDNS and all works fine via SSL.

However, I have several local servers (.e.g. Node-Red) in need to connect to HA. At moment this works via the external https://xxx.duckdns.org,

Is it possible to have a feature to enable a HTTP port for trusted local IPs to avoid local connect via public internet?

If you want this kind of functionality, you need to access your HA via a reverse proxy such as caddy or nginx.

yeah, I was afraid I have to :frowning: … its just very complex to configure them. Having a local port available would simplify these things dramatically.

But thank you for you Caddy pointer, this looks a good path!

Since you’re on hassio, your best option is to use the hassio api proxy address of http://hassio/homeassistant.

Pihole can do that for you. Used as a dns you can easy setup local ip.s so all traffic goues in the LAN for these servers

Yes, routing the local traffic is only half the ticket … unfortunately the SSL setup is avoiding a valid connect and therefore not usable for other local apps servers like Node-red to connect successfully.

The hassio api proxy works for Node-Red even if you use SSL.

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It did not work for me , that’s why I started this journey … I will have a look into it