HA on new iPad 11 pro m4

I just got the new iPad Pro 11 m4 and it seems that HA is not handling the new display resolution correctly.

Please check

I don’t have the 11 but I do have the 13 and it’s working fine with it.

On the 11 the home page is now showing 4 colomns instead of 3 as was on the older 11 and this make my iframe card looks out of scale.

If I try to change the scale of the iframe, it shows bad on other devices.

I’ve got 11" M4. HA scales perfectly fine. Less than full screen shows 3 cols, while 4 cols are shown in full screen. Correct on iPhone and Mac, app or browser.

I include screen shot of the same page on ipad 11 m2 and ipad 11 m4.

4 colomns instead of 3 and the iframe is not fitting.

Here is the image from new ipad 11

I think this issue is some how related to bootstrap view size