HA on NUC with Proxmox and RaspberryMatic

Good day,

I have the Home Assistant operating system on an i7 Intel NUC.Homematic with Raspberrymatic via a CCU3 and integration.

Now I would like to install Home Assistant on Proxmox (on the NUC) and also Raspberrymatic on the NUC with proxmox.

What are the advantages and disadvantages when I will do it.

My question is also, how does the NUC send the Homematic signals?Since I have already connected 2 Zigbee sticks (Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 and the Home Assistant Stick).Isn’t all in the way?

Which one is that ?

This one:

Home Assistant SkyConnect

Home Assistant SkyConnect Zigbee Thread Matter USB Stick – mediarath - Martin Damrath

ok :slight_smile:

I don’t see why you can’t connect a third dongle. If you don’t have enough USB ports, an USB hub will do.

You need the USB-Connected HmIP-RFUSB or the HB-RF-USB-2 (with RPI-RF-MOD) and passtrough it to your RaspberryMatic-VM.
Or you can use the LAN-Connected HB-RF-ETH (with RPI-RF-MOD).