HA on QNAP (docker) not receiving Xiaomi Hub heartbeats


I have Home Assistant running in Container Station (docker) in QNAP. I already have the net mode as host. However, I am unable to get Xiaomi Gateway to work.
When I do ngrep, I can see the multicast cast heartbeats make it to QNAP and the container station but Home Assistant does not receive it. In my configuration.yaml I have
discovery_retry: 5
- key: fgjanxxxxxxxxxx

When I change it to include host
discovery_retry: 10
- mac: 78xxxxxxxxxx
key: fgjanxxxxxxxxxx

Home assistant is able to directly talk to the Xiaomi gateway and get the device list. However, without receiving multicasts, the sensor states never updates.


Figured it out. I had the VPN service running on my QNAP so the local IP and Subnet was different and such wasn’t receiving multicast messages.


Hi,my problem is that, my HA installed in the QNAP docker can see the gateway and all the sensors, and HA can update the states of the sensors, however, HA seems that it dosent make any response about the xiaomi_aqara events, such as xiaomi_aqara.click. Had u face the same problem as mine? and how do u solve it?


Hello everyone I’ve same problem on HA installed on LXC container someone has solved?