HA on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with RaspBee


Hi guys,

I need your advice.

Connect Ikea light bulb to HA on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with RaspBee
To make RaspBee work I need to add the following parameters to config.txt

In my understanding, I can’t edit config.txt on Hassio
What is the best way to install it to avoid diving to the terminal every time when I need to update it? (Hassbian or Docker or is it workaround on Hass.io to edit config.txt)

Thnx in advance.


Solved by myself

Install Hassio

Enable SSH

Use a USB drive formatted with FAT, ext4, or NTFS and name it CONFIG (case sensitive). Create an authorized_keys file containing your public key, and place it in the root of the USB drive. From the UI, navigate to the hass.io system page and choose “Import from USB”. You can now access your device as root over SSH on port 22222. Alternatively, the file will be imported from the USB when the hass.io device is rebooted.

ssh [email protected] -p 22222 -i .ssh/YOUR Private Key File
vi /mnt/boot/config.txt



Install deCONZ Add-on



  "device": "/dev/ttyAMA0"

Hass.io + deCONZ + RaspBee = Flailure