HA on Raspberry Pi Compute Modules?

Anyone planning on deploying HA on Raspberry Pi Compute Modules?

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After watching this Video, I will definitely look into it - I mean plugging in a PCIe SSD drive directly must be a huge improvement in stability/reliability and performance. I wish they had implemented an actual M.2 slot, but well, we can’t have everything.

(would this require HASSOS adaptations, or would it just work?!)

I’m curious what the price will be - currently it’s sold out everywhere with no estimate on when/whether it will be back in stock…

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“With the new kernel and U-Boot Home Assistant OS can now also run on the Compute Module 4 as well as the Pi 400 (the keyboard).”

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i have replaced my rpi 4 with compute 4. the compute 4 module has far better bluetooth range and less interference on the zigbee. still missing an adapter for m.2 so I can test external data harddisk

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This CM4 carrier board has a slot that might be of interest for an nvme drive: https://liliputing.com/2021/02/tofu-carrier-board-for-the-raspberry-pi-compute-module-4-supports-nvme-ssds-or-4g-lte-network-cards-among-other-things.html - not cheap though!

This might be an option and looks promising.
Raspberry Pi boots off an NVME SSD, natively!

So anyone do it yet?!